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Course content

- complete all theory units to develop their knowledge, including review questions, or Divemaster Online, and pass the Divemaster final exam.

- prepare an emergency plan for an assigned dive site.

- complete the endurance exercises for their water skills.

- complete an assessment of their rescue skills.

- complete the dive skills workshop and assessment.

- complete the practical application areas.

- complete programme workshops conducted by the Divemaster.

- complete the practical assessment.

- meet the professionalism criteria.


Course materials

- PADI Divemaster Manual

- PADI Instructor Manual

- RDP - Table and eRDPML with associated manuals

- The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

- Divemaster Slates, Divemaster Video

- Logbook


All these materials can be found in the Divemaster Crewpack.



Participation requirements


- Certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification)

- 18 years of age

- 40 logged scuba dives

- Training in EFR first aid and second aid (or qualifying training), not more than 24 months ago

- Diving fitness certified by a doctor, not more than 12 months ago


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